Edge yourself or a partner 5 times before allowing orgasm…

This is Day 5 of Safewords Club kinky advent. I have to do mine myself, and…for the very first time. I will be honest I dont really understand edging and never tried it before, stopping orgasm! Hell to no no no!! I wouldnt deny myself.

However, on reading about it I imagine it would me more fun or frustrating with a partner in control. The purpose seems to be to increase blood flow to clitoris and labia resulting in more intense orgasm…

I tried and it got frustratingly harder after the 3rd time to hold my orgasm… when I finally allowed myself it was intense but not that much more than normal. So it sounds like I have done it wrong…????

Not my favourite Day so far…. but completed ✔😘😘😘


  1. Thanks for sharing these days. This is tough and I haven’t tried it with anyone yet, so the only experience I have is to do it alone. It is tough to do and at some point I usually just give up and make myself cum. Sometimes there good and sometimes they are just normal.

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