Meeting her desires

This was something that she had secretly desired. A fantasy that was hidden deep for so long and now there was a light shining upon it. The light of opportunity, the light of chance and the chance she took… be used. Fully. Completely. In all holes whilst bound.

A chair. Rope. Lube and 5 guys. A room and a friend there to maintain her safety and to be totally honest..comfort and security feeling. What more could a girl ask for?

Arriving there and undressing herself for the night, her friend was there with lube and water for her. After all, she would need to stay hydrated to last the night. Safewords agreed, a deep breath and in she went to a room, and saw a spotlight upon the chair she would sit in. A nice touch, shining the light on her fantasy chair. One that was padded, and her legs were to be held open and up like a gynaecology chair, allowing easy access. Lying on her back to allow access to her throat as well. Smiling she made herself comfortable and in walked the 5 men. Naked, beginning to be aroused, masked. She was to be fucked by 5 strangers, not knowing who they were and be used for pleasure. It was exciting and she could feel her nipples harden and her juices start to flow with excitement. Smiling she watched as they all began to stroke themselves hard as they watched her become secured in the chair. She couldnt move, couldnt see what was happening as they moved towards her.

Her friend once she was secure smiled down at her, and gave her a big full kiss for a few moments. She gasped mid-kiss as she felt hands all over her, pinching her nipples, stroking her skin; then a tongue gently exploring in between her legs and tasting her wetness. ‘Enjoy’ he whispered as he stood back, hands all over her more insistently stroking her. She began to feel more aroused and excited, then a blindfold placed over her eyes heightened her other senses. Hearing the rough ragged breaths as they approached her, her breasts rising and falling. Hands more insistent grabbing, fingers replacing tongues. Bringing her to the edge of orgasm again and again and then allowing her to release into intense orgasm. Mouth opened as she yells in joy and then it was filled by a cock. Lips wrapped around it, sucking and feeling it move in and out her mouth pushing all the way to the back of her throat. Gagging on his cock, he withdrew slightly and the same time another man slammed himself into her pussy. An orgasm built and exploded but she couldnt move as the ropes held her in place.

That evening she was used, over and over again. All holes were used over and over, filled again and again. Orgasms again and again, sweaty from exertions they were all grunting and groaning. The blindfold was suddemly removed and ropes untied. Her friend was there and the men helped her to sit on the floor, surrounded by them all she knew what was going to happen. Grinning she smiled up at them all, at them each stroking furiously at their dicks, all of which had recently been in her mouth, pussy or ass. A grunt brought her back to the moment as ropes of hot cum landed all over her neck and breasts. Rubbing in his cum over her breasts it was swiftly followed by four more loads.

All men grinned then silently walked away leaving her sat there on the floor covered in cum. Messy, used, satisfied and grinning from ear to ear. Certainly happy but wait…. wasnt there a 6th cock that needed emptied?…..


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