Bad Habits…

Christ I have a fair few. Every year I repeatedly remind myself I need to stop binge eating, lose weight and stop biting nails. Never happened yet…..

What I do need to stop is overthinking and blaming myself for everything. As a result of childhood trauma I tend to blame myself a lot, overthink every situation and mentally beat myself up for many things. It plays havoc with my mental health and is a toxic bad habit.

My poor writing, lack of focus and poor language caused a problem a month ago. It was discussed and rectified…. but I cant forgive myself for pain I caused. The situation has been talked through…but I cant let it go.

What this bad habit does is gnaw at me. Undermining my confidence in myself and builds up in my brain overthinking. I need to stop it.. am hurting myself and to quote Elsa I have got to ‘let it go’…


  1. Sometimes we are our worst critics, but I know what you mean… when I do something wrong, it can be years down the line and I will still remember it 😦
    ~ Marie


  2. I hear you – in fact I’m sitting next to you nodding along! I can still (like Marie) cringe over things I’ve said, done, put down in writing years after the event. If only for a rewind button to go back and re-do, and that feeling fuels overthinking because we imagine that our constant questioning of how best to do something with prevent us making another blunder … I don’t think it always does.
    Anyway, here’s hoping others move on, and allowing ourselves to move on too. I enjoyed your post.

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