Alice looked into the mirror… seeing not her own reflection but his. Her ‘Lewis’, her muse and the one whom she had wished to give her submission for the first time…

Her hand raised to touch the glass and under it she felt him. How she imagined his strong muscular chest under her warm hand, teasing him. Provoking a growl as she would gently tug hischest hair. Hoping that this display of her bratty behaviour would put her in her place… over, under or at his knees.

Her eyes saw his dark ones, strong gaze and thighs. Imagining his strong arms and voice, wondering what her submission would have made her feel like.

Her eyes flicked down for a split second and when she looked back in the mirror all she saw was her own reflection…. only her pale blue eyes and her unobserved, unwanted gift of submission to him…


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