In my normal “vanilla” life I am very straight laced, organised and find it comforting to maintain control over chaos. My desk is neat and tidy. My handwriting precise. I have a ‘to do’ list…. but I really want to give up my control.

I want a very strong man to give me instructions. Lose my ever strong need to control my situation. Make me a product for your desires. Push me. The following fantasy you will note mentions lube for use a lot. As a middle aged woman who needs support in peri-menopause, I am trying to normalise its use. Any experience of D/s I need this to be clear so here is my fantasy which is linked to the Wicked Wednesday theme….

“I receive your instructions via text. Today place anal plug of your choice and your app control vibrator in at same time. Do it by 9am as I know at 9.30am you will be in a busy important meeting that you must retain composure in. ‘You can come at will’…..oh no. I will need to remain poker faced- can I manage it? Would anyone know what I am doing or can I control myself?

As instructed I get out the lube and insert my butt plug, sparkly jewel metal. My plug of choice and I love the feeling of pushing it in me, stretching and filling, slightly uncomfortable as I forces it in against my body’s natural instincts. Full. I feel full and always a breathless thrill as a slight moan of satisfaction escapes me. Enjoying this feeling for a few minutes I feel my clit pulse, my muscles clench and nipples start to harden. Now time for the Lush, my cheeks begin to redden at the thought of this. More lube and in it goes. A definate moan escapes me as I feel so full, orgasmically so. Oh I love being filled, just wishing I had a body to lean against to run my fingers over and grasp hold of arms. Breathless I get dressed and head downstairs getting myself set up for my teams meeting.

At 9am my meeting starts and I switch into work mode, professional. Serious and concentrating on the task at hand. Forgetting at points I am double plugged until I move in my seat. Clenching slightly and feeling full, twinges in my clit and feeling my underwear damp from lube. Feeling delighted at fleeting moments I suddenly became very focused on a question that I was asked and paid no attention to the time. Suddenly a low hum began and I started shuffling in my seat and smiled suddenly and broadly. My team looked at me quizically wondering why I smiled, stammering I made an excuse as the buzzing stopped. Internally cursing my choice of a bright lipstick which would highlight my broad smile even more. The buzzing began again, then the waves started. The waves of pleasure echoing up me, bouncing off the internal walls of my tight muscles that gripped round the lush, these strong muscles loving the vibrations. It built then ebbed, then intensified suddenly. The pressure building was magnified feeling pressure due to the anal plug as well.

Lush allow a pattern to be programmed in over a set period of time. Use it with the plug was suddenly more intense. My orgasm built up and up, fighting it I felt my mouth clench and trying to focus my attention on the screen was my plan…… it wasnt working. A bigger gasp left my mouth, thankfully the microphone was off and only one person gave me a sideways glance. A pretend cough covered the next gasp as the orgasm hit me. Clenching round the plug and lush my hands grabbed my legs transferring the force into them.

A pause. A deep breath and drink of water. Then I repositioned myself on the chair and the plug suddenly felt as though it was bigger. Very aware of being full and wet. I was asked a question. Fuck! Why ask me these today of all days! I dont care! All I want is to be greedy and focus on coming at will. Awareness of my surroundings was difficult and required all my focus. Whilst on call I was concerned that the microphone could pick up the noise of vibrations. I started to blush again as was feeling the intensity build. I was embarrassed knowing that my colleagues saw my having an orgasm. They didnt know they did but they had…..

I had no control for that hour. The humiliation of knowing that I could not control them at all. There was someone else in control of my orgasms. Someone who was making me submit for their, as well as my pleasure. After the hour and several orgasms I received a text instructing me to video call my Dom to allow him to watch me orgasm now so he can achieve release as well. I duly did and my cheeks burned again. In the throes of passion face to face I can get taken away in the moment- this was different. It was a video call. I was physically alone. On a call. My facial expressions were very clear to see and I was a bit self conscious. Pushed to my limits and encouraged gently to start, the stimulation began. ‘Look at me!’ I was commanded. Forcing my eyes open I stared into his intense gaze, I knew he was stroking himself along as well. The stare was hypnotic, I couldnt look away. ‘Cum for me’ as my hips bucked involuntarily, pushing pressure on the anal plug. A rare event happened, a double anal and clitoral orgasm. My cries exploded, my nipples went harder than I thought possible and a sound interrupted my haze…. his grunt as his hot cum exploded out followed by his satisfactory release.

“Well done my slut. Time for you to rest and recover before your next meeting. Remove your devices and drink some water and sit. Since you are not here I shall have to clean my own cum up. If you need me, please message me for support. Have a think about how you feel after this session but I am pleased.” Another warm feeling from that statement brought a big smile from me ‘thank you Sir’ I replied.

Sitting and having a drink as instructed I was smiling at how sensitive my clit felt. Then my computer screen flashed up for the next meeting. Joining the virtual group a colleague commented how big my smile was today and what a cheer that brought them……


  1. “Forcing my eyes open I stared into his intense gaze, I knew he was stroking himself along as well. The stare was hypnotic, I couldnt look away”

    Nicely told – and a hot fantasy too!
    May x

    Liked by 1 person

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