I miss you. I MISS you. I wanted you. I wanted you to want me. You occupy my thoughts, yet I am angered at myself. Angry that I do not know your name and yet your body occupy my mind. Your thighs. Your calves. Your arse. Your fucking gorgeous accent!

When I think about a man dominating me, a man taming this brat, whipping her soft arse cheeks until they are red… it is of you I think. You shared friendship, your BDSM predilictions, your kindness. Your thoughtfulness. Did you want me? Did you notice?

Part of me thinks you did. Part of me wonders if you wished to mark me as yours…. crop, belt or cane. I did not know your choice my Bokke…

I imagine that your hand running over my skin. Into my hair, grabbing hard on it and forcing me to look into your warm dark eyes. I do not know what you said in that message but….. 🔥🔥


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