A tail for me…

A tale. Or.. a tail? Well how about a tale of a tail ladies and gentlemen? Who knew about such things? A year or so ago not me……

Exploring anal began first by getting other half drunk enough to try. I loved it- he didnt. Then my wonderful best friend recommended a butt plug. I do love them especially metal with a sparkly jewel. The cold hard steel forcing my arse open then sliding in with an almost orgasmic sigh… then trousers on and nobody knows. Just a middle aged plain mum smiling away…. smiling as the plug is filling her ass..

Next step a tail….. starting off with a cute pink fluffy tail… glass dildo and a surprise as it was longer and cool… but oh so yum! Till I sat down on the chair at dinner… rookie mistake…my next one is a longer tail


  1. This is a gorgeous image of you RM. Very sexy but subtle too. I love that you are so cool about the plugs. They always make me feel shy and I can’t embrace them the same way you can. Is that plug envy? So glad that you have found something that works well to keep your submissive mindset and make you feel supper sexy with your secret. Laughed about you sitting down for dinner too. Must have been a long meal! x

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