Aristotle said Patience is a virtue. It is not one I am blessed with naturally. Parenthood demanded a lot of patience especially with a disabled child. In fact, I have had to learn it and in reality feel as though I am being forced to be patient when I would rather not be sometimes. I have no choice despite trying in several different ways.

I am interested more in D/s, trying introduce it into the bedroom first. My other half is not interested sadly. Not his thing. Not for everyone. However, there have been times when I feel both my lack of patience or my control of it, as swearing at other people calling them idiots etc is something HR have a problem with, despite their rudeness to me; should be rewarded/punished through various means. I mean is putting me over your knee and spanking me hard a big issue?…….

Patience is a virtue I keep repeating to myself… also I do keep repeating to myself a fantasy of being spanked and that keeps me going….


  1. This is great and they say that all good things come to those who wait which I do really wish for you. Also if you wrote this for the prompt then I am sorry I missed it. Did you link it up? Apologies if something went wrong. Missy x

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      1. Ok no problem. It has closed now but I can still add it. If you want to link again but can’t then just give me a shout and I can link it up for you. x

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