Breast love

I lick around her nipples. Appreciating the raised bumps on the areola. Gently rolling the nipple with my tongue as I stroke her soft skin around the rest of her breast. Moving my hands up I stroke towards the shoulder and release my mouth from one nipple to the other…

Again gently rolling it with my tongue but the hand moves to stroke her neck and hair. Without breaking eye contact I let go to shower kisses on her neck. My full lips place firm kisses up and down as my hands hold hers and lift them above her head. Waiting to hear a moan…..

I now turn my attention back to your nipples going between them with a firm grasp of your breasts in my hands. Starting to play with the nipples by sucking more and more firmly, I reach up to stroke your chin. Your skin is soft, more so than I had imagined and I rub my thumb over your lips….

Releasing your nipples I am desperate to kiss your full sensous mouth and receive a hungry kiss in return. Smiling impishly mid kiss you grab my heavy breasts and pinch my nipple hard! I move away and grab the ice cubes beside the bed, popping one in my mouth I grab your nipple in my mouth and you gasp at the sensation change. Removing it I slowly run the ice around your nipple watching the melting water run down your breast… swapping to the other one and repeating this. Turning you on. Contrasting the warmth of my skin with the cold of the ice.

Rock solid your nipples stand to attention and you thrust them to me to grab, pinch, pull, suck and nibble over and over again… until you are begging me to place my fingers inside you….

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