Well this was an interesting experience. It was in fact slightly disconcerting if I am truly honest. On my wishlist on twitter I had a posture collar from Ann Summers, and have just had this bought for me. Trying it on today after it arrived was what has unsettled me.

Anyone who has read my other blog posts knows I am exploring my D/s tendencies. I am a submisdive, with an attitude a mile wide; pushing until I am put back in my place. Dont know if it a strict Dom I need or what, hell I even said ‘yes daddy’ in response to one of Cole Wolfwoods videos (still shocked at it by the way)- but the collar….. I tried it on and felt… comfortable. Complete. Safe. It has confirmed my natural inclination as submissive and seeking a strong Dominant. A string woman naturally, in fact by necessity, daughter of feminists its a hard thing to admit. Yet deep down I know, exploring D/s within a safe secure supportive group in the Safewords Club and reading friends stories online I understand the symbolic importance of collars. In fact reading the formal collar ceremony between BTO & TDRL brought tears to my eyes of the depth of true love they have.

I am without a Dominant. My “Lewis” I did want to ask to help me be my first but that didnt happen. I may be fortunate in future to align with another or not, but I understand now much much more. This posture collar, which I am *cough* honest enough to admit may need an extra hole in it as my thick neck from rugby means its very tight (& I am not Camille Chat by any means) but how it felt was overwhelming. It was right, homely, safe and surprising.

A submissive, kitten, little or what ever nomenclature you choose, I am with you. This collar I bought for the purpose of taking sexy photos for my twitter page, but it has confirmed to me what I have missed out on and do wish I had the chance to try… submission and bondage. The high neckbis excellent for my poor posture- I need something for my shoulders too, as have been bent hiding big heavy chest since age 13 hoping to pass unnoticed; the ring on it. Sexy, powerful, my imagination ticking away. Rope tied to it,secuting me to frame for use by Dominant. Perhaps tie my arms and wrists too…. the possibilties astound me.

I am unclaimed. My OH not interested in D/s. My “Lewis” gone. My shock at ‘yes daddy’ all combined into an instant erotic sensory overload. My use of this collar will be simply for photos for twitter…. but for the first time in a while I know for definate what I was born to have. A very strong, Dominant who will manage to control me, provide a safe space and tolerate my bratty attitude of eye rolls, eyebrow raises but use their voice and perhaps this collar to tame me…

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  1. Thanks you for sharing this. I too got a collar with nipple clamps (from a Twitter follower) and very much enjoy it, but not so much the clamps (at least not yet). The last couple of times I’ve worn it has made me feel special and thinking about my princess aka my Domme. So I know exactly what you mean. However, part of me feels alone and needing something or someone. If I lived closer I might be interested but you are probably looking for someone with a little more experience. Hope you find what you are looking for. Great article too.

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