Day 14..

I have missed several days of Advent calendar please excuse me xxx a Christmas fantasy is the topic today.

Christmas is a time for sharing and good girls and boys get rewarded… well that sounds fun to me! Santa has 8 reindeer to pull his sleigh. How about Mrs Claus’ present is eight men in reindeer masks (tails optional) who sacks she empties……

2020 ends…

Thank goodness! 2020 has been a year of contrasts…… and a shit show to boot! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

2020 was meant to be my year. Turning 40 I had all these plans, I was going to find my courage, explore my sexuality, lose 3 stone and generally enjoy the year……

Well I started off by joining Twitter and flashing boobs to you lot. Exploring who I am with some lovely kind people encouraging and supporting me. Total crushing on someone who I wondered if I could ask to be online Dom to help support each other in discovery. Recommend to join and loving the Safewords Club!

But some nasty shit of a coronavirus kinda put a dampener on the worlds plans….. definately mine! Work went crazy, weight went up not down- wanted to loose 3 stone but only 5 to go bitches πŸ–πŸ– my desires increased but home sex life went down, my crush was increasing and just a bawhair before I had courage to ask… poof! He was gone! Workload crazy againand suddenly its Christmas! I mean… how?! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

People ask about resolutions for each New Year… should we make any? This year I may not make resolutions but instead have some hopes for myself…. I hope I lose weight, I hope that my feelings for crush go, I hope that I enjoy myself more.

That last hope is the one I want most. 2020 taken severe toll on my mental health, especially just now, but looking forward my friend is suggesting things we WILL do and see….

I raise a Christmas glass of cheer to you all πŸŽ„πŸΈπŸŽ„πŸ₯‚ and when I blink and suddenly Hogmanay arrives that it brings a kinder 2021 πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

If it doesnt…. I better prepare my liver!

Day 8

Day 8 of Advent was about 8 minutes of nipple play. I use clamps sometimes on myself so thought that this be no different… well the intensity of clamps must be a bit lower! My nipples complained the whole time and the rush of blood and sensitivity afterwards was painful… not the most fun day so far!

Day 6

Day 6 of Kinky Advent from Safewords Club is something I am struggling to do. I have been asked to list 6 things that I love about myself. Problem is suffering from severe depression and anxiety disorder I really dont like myself very much.

1: Beautiful eyes. I have light blue eyes. Glacial blue they were described as. Look fantastic especially with false lashes on but the glasses get in the way.

2: Good set of boobs. Photos on my page are proof. Enough said πŸ˜‚

3: Big smile. I have a big smile that others have complemented me on as being a shining cheery one… though I have bloody dimples πŸ™ˆ

4: Good at teaching. I used to do a lot of face to face teaching pre- COVID and look forward to doing it again. My lectures are funny, relevant and often well received.

5: Good sense of humour. Its dark and twisted…. but I am bloody funny. This ties in with my teaching.

6: am out…….

And there you are… I failed todays challenge πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„


Edge yourself or a partner 5 times before allowing orgasm…

This is Day 5 of Safewords Club kinky advent. I have to do mine myself, and…for the very first time. I will be honest I dont really understand edging and never tried it before, stopping orgasm! Hell to no no no!! I wouldnt deny myself.

However, on reading about it I imagine it would me more fun or frustrating with a partner in control. The purpose seems to be to increase blood flow to clitoris and labia resulting in more intense orgasm…

I tried and it got frustratingly harder after the 3rd time to hold my orgasm… when I finally allowed myself it was intense but not that much more than normal. So it sounds like I have done it wrong…????

Not my favourite Day so far…. but completed βœ”πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Advent Day 3

For the Safewords Club Advent calendar today I am unable to make a harness or have one used on me. So I have written this fictional story….

Waking up on the Sunday morning I move, feeling that mouth is dry and cracked at the side of my lips. Opening my mouth in a wide yawn I let out a small yelp of pain followed by a large smile. The sensory memory of last night flooded through my body as I lay half off the bed aching in thighs and bum cheeks from being used hard. Exhausted, sore, satisfied and thinking about starting to feel wet again. That is what happened last night…the brat was tamed. Pushing and pushing all week, attitude written all over the face. He had made the rope harness and waited for the opportune moment to tame the bratty attitude.

That evening walking past I was grabbed roughly and pulled close. Breathing softly into my ear I was ordered to the bedroom, strip and close my eyes. Rapidly complying I was then aware of him behind me, breath on my neck, kisses on them and hands roughly grabbing my breasts. Then, the command to open my mouth and the harness was placed in and tightened and checked it was in place…then I was shoved face down on the bed and a knee placed in my back. My hands bound and a hand slapping my arse. ” tonight I shall tame you, fucking you roughly for my pleasure”.

The knee was lifted and my thighs parted as a tongue starting to tease me. Firmly darting in and out, teasing the clit. Groaning and starting to wiggle feeling my wetness increase and build towards orgasm; he withdrew rapidly. Slamming his dick in hard, pulling back a fraction commenting that it was time to be roughly fucked as a fucktoy should be….thrusting in so hard I cry out in sudden orgasm one hand grabs the back of the harness as a handle and the other hand on the hips. Beginning, thrusting as hard as possible over and over again roughly holding the harness pulling my head up as I moan. As I pushback to adjust position, he withdraws, slapping my arse hard as he kicks legs further apart but never letting go of the mouth harness. Pounding her again, roughly forcing himself in as far as he can go, feeling waves or orgadm build again,she is instructed to hold her orgasm until permission given and only orgasm with him. He had began to twitch as orgasm was building, the rope harness in the mouth making her feel completely under his control as she was ridden hard- and he knew it. Cock twitching, sweat building he gave permission for orgasm as he roared like an animal. Primal lust satisfied, filling me with his ropez of hot cum as I drooled all over the mouth piece of harness in my mouth.

After he withdrew, he left me lying half on the bed breathing deeply and awaiting gag to be removed….a chuckle from behind sending waves of pleasure down my spine…. “slut dont move, I am not done withyou yet…..”

Groaning and coming back to the present I moved further onto the bed. I had been used over and over. Fucked till my knees buckled and my body ached. Turning over in bed I smile, he had left me a bottle of water and a tub of vaseline for lips and a note… “time to add Christmas bells for my reindeer fuck toy?” ….

Masturbation Monday

Finally some alone time in the house. Not getting enough orgasms can make any woman cranky and toys are a bit noisy…one thing that needs to be used though as part of the collection is lubricant. As a woman on anti depressants and early peri menopsuse vaginal dryness is common. Lube is needed. I wish porn would normalise it use.

I am starting with my Traceys Dog clit sucker which over time has lost some of its sucking strength but as I type this it is really trying its best…

Initial meet…

Alice was nervous. She stopped and checked her reflection in the shop window, seeing her chest rising & falling rapidly. Placing her hand firmly on her chest she concentrated on calming her breathing, taking stock of how she looked…. Alice was average height wearing her preferred low heel. She definately was not as confident any more in high heels, her calves were shapely. Not overly muscular but like her thighs- strong. Good to run hands or a crop up for sure, all the way to her firm peachy arse. Her build was definately what could be defined as “matronly” and of that she was very self conscious. She had a large bust, always had no matter her size and attracted many comments over the years. As a much younger woman she had been told it was only reason any man looked at her and confidence had been destroyed.

Now in middle aged her attitude to her ample, round breasts had changed a bit; in fact she was quite proud of them. Women paid to have boobs like hers, pain in neck and shoulders aside, there was a much wider range of lingerie available. Sexy lingerie, ones that made her feel good and hold her head high. Wonderbra even made them for her size now! Thats what she was wearing today, all in black just as he requested.

That was why Alice was nervous, she was on her way to a meeting; her first meeting with her online Dom, her Sir. They had spoken online via messages, then via face time but this was their first time face to face. The meet to go to a room together would only happen if they both felt comfortable once actually face to face. The room was booked to coincide with his business travel, though he had packed for his extra special business if required!

Bringing herself back to the moment, her breathing had calmed. Dressed as he had requested, smartly with matching black underwear and black heels. Low was acceptable to meet her comfort requirements. However, what she did wear, since he had forgotten to state his preference was a bright red lipstick. Perhaps this was the brat in her, all clothes subtle and plain to avoid attention perhaps, yet her favourite lipstick was eye catching. Her full lips looked extremely tempting.

Taking a deep breath Alice stepped into the bar and as her eyes adjusted to the dimmer room, she spotted him. He was sat in a booth in the corner sway from the bar, focusing on his screen and brow furrowed in thought. She thought he as extremely attractive, feeling her cheeks blush and her clit tingle betraying her animalistic lust for him. How would he view her? Biting her lip with nerves she approached his seat…….

Dedicated to my handsome muse πŸ’–